Transitioning into service design…

Time to ‘cher’

My first week

My biggest learning from my short time so far in the team, is that put simply, service design is a shared set of values that practitioners, known as service designers, espouse through a wide variety of techniques and methods. Just one of these happens to be the famous service blueprint. In fact, service design can manifest itself very differently depending on the individual practitioner, and the nature of the service itself they are working to design or improve.

What customer’s don’t see

How the opportunity arrived

I am fortunate to have joined at around the same time as our new Chief Design Officer (and second most important design hire of the month ;)… ) Dan Makoski from Walmart.

Ready, steady, thinking
Mad skillz

To conclude

At school I toyed with the idea of becoming a graphic designer, but felt like it would be too limiting to get some of my analytical chops stuck into. Service design feels like the role I never knew existed at the time, but wish I had.



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Rupert Wood

Rupert Wood

Doing, learning, occasionally writing. Currently Principle Designer / Consultant at Lighthouse.