It’s 5 years since I joined ‘the UK’s first digital banking graduate scheme’. A lot has changed in that time, and I’ve also learnt a bucket load. With the extra time afforded by this s**t pickle of a year, I thought it would be a good time to reflect and share. Hopefully this lands somewhere in the vacuum of people I’m connected with, and maybe even beyond.

Mmmm, vacuum

1. It’s transformation, stupid

It’s called transformation for a reason. Taking stability for granted in retail banking is dangerous now, when consumer behaviour and profitability is at the whim of pandemics (touch wood, singular), interest…

In an era of double diamond-opolis, design thinking-itis and design first ‘thirst’-iness, do we need more designers, or do we need better designers?

Diamonds are forever

Why I’ve been pondering

These are my thoughts as someone relatively junior to the world of online design guff, which on appearance looks like it has a pretty low entry barrier…phew!

Since joining the design team at Lloyds as a service designer, I’ve been involved in the odd side-of-desk discussion in things like: service design vs. business design, systems thinking vs. Lean vs. Design research, and even Agile vs. lean. vs. design thinking.

There always seems to be…

My first week working ‘officially’ as a service designer in a bank.

I have just finished my first week officially as a ‘service designer’, and I wanted to share some quick thoughts from this week and beyond, of what I have learnt, how the opportunity arrived and why it feels like the perfect fit.

I’d like this to be the first of a few short posts that share some of my experiences and thoughts in the team.

Time to ‘cher’

My first week

My biggest learning from my short time so far in the team, is that put simply, service design is a…

Rupert Wood

Doing, learning, occasionally writing. Currently Service Designer @ Lloyds Banking Group.

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